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On line tuition in the Evesham area or wherever you’re based !

Expert Maths tuition in the Evesham area and beyond. I can help with a range of needs including:

“Don’t hesitate to click the link below for the best Maths teacher I know. He taught my daughter Izzy and together they achieved the grade she needed. Bryan is not connected to me in any way, just a nice tutor who’s positive, engaging and good at his job. if anyone can achieve that desired grade, Bryan can!”

LIN & IZZY (Inkberrow)


Now accepting bookings for on line tuition to start in September 2021.

I can offer you regular on line tuition wherever you are in the world. If you have a laptop (or similar) with camera, microphone and good internet connection we could start on-line tuition using an interactive whiteboard and combined audio/video. I would be happy to talk you through how easy it is to use. Contact me on 07747 602215.

I also offer ‘holiday only’ targeted tuition for Xmas, Easter holidays etc.

On line tuition in Evesham and worldwide, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Cardiff , Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Sheffield, Norwich. Provision of Maths tuition for G.C.S.E./ pre G.C.S.E. Maths and numeracy tests for teachers, police and nursing.

Over 30 years of maths teaching and tutoring, I have helped hundreds of pupils, students and adults to achieve qualifications. Whether you are studying for G.C.S.E., or you could just do with some explanations and practice on maths you use at work, contact me and I can help you make the changes.

D.B.S. No: 00090453970

Bryan Edwards
Maths Tuition Evesham
Maths tuition evesham